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Welcome! The Rose City Garden Railway Society of Portland, Oregon promotes and practices the hobby of Garden Railroading. Whether you are a long-time hobbyist or a recent enthusiast, we welcome you to join us in planning gardens, building stock and scenery, running trains, sharing lore and expertise.

We have members with experience ranging from years spent building and operating garden railroads, to those planning their first garden and running their first trains.

You do not need to have a garden railroad or even own any garden railroad equipment to participate in our club. Joining the club is your opportunity to see and run on other club member railroads to see if you like the hobby, with no commitment other than to join and attend some club activities.

Annual Summer Tour


June 16th 2018

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Come see our Trains and our Gardens!  10 or more layouts open for you to visit on the Saturday before Father’s Day. Click below for more information.

Club Events

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“Growing Trains in the Garden”


Garden Railroading 101

A Free Clinic For Beginners

What you need to know before you start

The clinic is open to anyone wishing to attend and will be held in July or August of 2018. Click

to be notified of the next session.